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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

java2word version 3.1 released

============= Version 3.1 - 01-Feb-2012  =============

Applied patch for Identation and hiperlinks by whoahbot, Added some comments on methods, work in progress for special characters in

    - Issue 70: Created a method on Utils.class called replaceSpecialCharacters. This is under experiments.
    - Issue 82: Alternative for those who want to use paragraphs in table.
              Now you can NOT pass null to a table cell, which doens't make sense anyway. You have to pass "".
    - Issue 46:   Adding indentation
    - Issue 45:   Adding hyperlinks to the document
    - Removed all deprecated methods

Upgrade steps:
    - download this version or checkout the latest code and build your own jar file.

Download it here:

Leonardo Correa

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